Wee Peter (also known as Kerrs Folly).

Wee Peter stands on a stone pedestal in a cove at Aldochlay, legend evolved that it is a memorial to a child drowned in the loch, but it was in fact erected in 1890 by a local stonemason called William Kerr.

William, his brother and sister had been orphaned and had been brought up by a family in the Luss area. At an early age William left Luss for London and became a successful builder, the statue now known as Wee Peter was designed to be incorporated in a new house he was building.

However the client the house was being built for did not like the statue, and it was taken back to the builders yard where it had been left lying in a corner for many years.

William decided to return to the lochside where he had spent a happy childhood, bringing with him the statue which he then erected in the loch perhaps to remind him of the happy days he had spent there as a child.

How it came to be called Wee Peter is unknown.

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